Officiating Organization

National Association of Bubble Soccer…

is the official organization of Bubble Soccer | Bubble Football in the USA. We are the organization dedicated to bringing this fun sport to the national level for all to enjoy, for both kids and adults. As an interested player, you’ve found the ultimate resource of where to play bubble soccer in the US!

Our site serves not only as a resource for latest bubble soccer news, but also as a central hub where players can find a bubble soccer provider, inquire for a private group rental and league play, or start an affiliate operation in their own area. For new affiliates, we provide equipment, administrative/operations support, and various media opportunities across the nation. We also serve as a lead generation and referral partner in the effort to help our affiliates businesses grow.

We at the National Association of Bubble Soccer are committed to the teamwork, fun, great memories, and exercise that bubble soccer consistently delivers. We are committed to the safety of players and strive to develop our guidelines for healthy and safe bubble soccer fun for all ages.

Most importantly, we are ardent supporters for the continuous development and practice of American entrepreneurship, guiding our affiliate administrators on their quest to become elite business men and women. Our organization maintains a laser-focus in instilling in our administrators a self-perpetuating drive of determination, work ethic, and strategic thinking that defines the pinnacle of success in the pursuit of the American Dream.

Authorized Providers & Bubble Soccer Equipment

Not just any bubble soccer provider is listed on our site. All of our leagues and rental providers are specifically launched and authorized by NABS. This means that if you see the “Authorized League Badge” on that particular company’s website, they have been home-grown with our organization, are utilizing safe & durable bubble soccer equipment manufactured and distributed specifically by our organization, and are operating within our specified set of official gameplay rules & regulations set forth by our organization for optimal player experience and safety.

National Association of Bubble Soccer works together with all of its affiliate administrator partners to build a successful bubble soccer operation from the ground up, from equipment to gameplay. If you’re playing or renting from a NABS-authorized administrator, you can be assured that they have been launched and groomed specifically by our very organization, and have a thorough understanding of the necessary safety protocols required for the safe administration of our sport.