Bubble Soccer On ABC's Shark Tank!

Include your full name, contact information, city, state, and how many in your group, and our bubble soccer administrators will reach out to you immediately with information on league play or private event rental rates! We'll get you strapped in a WreckingBall in no time!

Bubble Soccer Has Taken The US By Storm! Thousands Upon Thousands Registered Across America!

Bubble Soccer is the craziest sport you haven't tried! Suit up with the National Association of Bubble Soccer, the official head soccer organization for bubble soccer in North America. With leagues and providers in over 40 metros across the continent, the National Association of Bubble Soccer is where you can register to find a league, rent bubble soccer equipment, and get the latest news on newest and funnest sport on earth! Bubble soccer, also known as bubble football, bubble ball, or bubble ball soccer, truly is the social sport of social sports. If there isn't a NABS affiliate already in your area, we'll help you start one! So strap on a bumper ball and get your friends' bumper balls ready. It's zorb soccer meets human bubble ball and its out of this world!

New Administrator Update!

A special welcome to our newest administrators of cities launching soon!

  • Chatham Bars Inn Resort & Spa Chatham, MA
  • Jean-Pierre MorenoLima, Peru
  • Shannon GewinnerDallas, TX
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